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Movie Name:The Light of the Moon (2017)
Realeased:1 Nov 2017
Coming Soon:Black Panther
Plot Summary:The Light of the Moon free movie watch online in HD, Bonnie, a young and successful Latina architect, is sexually assaulted while walking home from an evening out with friends in Brooklyn. At first, she attempts to keep the assault a secret from her long-term boyfriend Matt, but the truth quickly emerges. Bonnie emphatically denies the impact of what has just happened to her. She fights to regain normalcy and control of her life, but returning to her old life is more complicated than expected. Her attempt to recapture the intimacy she previously had with Matt falters and cracks begin to surface in their relationship. Another attack in the neighborhood only drives Bonnie further into denial, before an encounter with an at-risk woman causes her to face the truth and confront her own self-blame.. The Light of the Moon full movie download in HD quality.
Movie Overview:The Light of the Moon Short talk about the movie. The story that I first wrote is Jessica M. Thompson The name of the movie that is performed Jessica M. Thompson Let's go Who is in acting? Stephanie Beatriz, Michael Stahl-David, Conrad Ricamora The audience actors are very good actors. So you can understand how the movie will be. And more to say The Light of the Moon (2017) The movie will be released first USA Produced in the country Jessica M. Thompson, Carlo Velayo, Michael Cuomo. And the movie is set in full (3D) format.
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