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Movie Name:Minions 2 (2020)
Language: English,Vietnamese
Coming Soon:Fast and Furious 9
Plot Summary:Minions are small, yellow creatures who have existed since the beginning of time, evolving from yellow single-celled organisms into beings who exist only to serve history's most despicable masters.After rolling their leader T-Rex down a volcano, getting their caveman leader eaten by a bear, crushing a Pharaoh under the pyramids while his people survive, burning Dracula on his birthday party, and accidentally firing a cannon at Napoleon, the Minions are driven into isolation and decide to start a new life in a massive cave in the Arctic. After many years, the Minions become depressed, restless and unmotivated without a master to serve. To regain their dignity and sense of purpose, Kevin, one fearless Minion, decides to set out to find a new master and asks for help. Stuart, a musically inclined Minion and Bob, a young and inexperienced but enthusiastic Minion, are recruited.
Movie Overview:Welcome to netfixmovie.com minions 2 a movie short do. The first story he wrote Ken Daurio, Brian Lynch. The movie has its name, let's go learn who is to play Let's Kyle Balda, Brad Ableson James Murray, Pierre Coffin audience actors are much better performance. So you know how the movie will be. Some say the movie will be released in the first USA Minions 2. Hotels in complete set film (3D) format.
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